Bubble Football

Bubble football has continued to evoke the feeling of joy and excitement in different fields! The beauty of the design is that it comes in attractive colors that can spice up any event. Bubble football is simply a game in which you wear a bouncy suit and roll across a surface. Each of these balls have the right gear to help you kick the ball and bounce around. They are good for bonding and you can use them for competitions too.
Bubble football has also been introduced in Canada. The popularity of this new sport is growing and in the near future it is expected to see an increase in popularity worldwide. Many people have only seen videos of bubble football matches on YouTube and Facebook. It is time to try to play this entertaining game too. Bubble soccer games are perfect for team building, corporate events, church groups, schools, fundraising events, private parties, birthday parties, beach parties, pool parties, family reunions, bachelor parties.
Bubble football game is very simple to learn. The game’s rules are not very different from the standard indoor football. You will just use an inflatable zorb likes a bubble and smash into other players. All you need to start is the special bubble football equipment.
Bubble football is protective, all-encompassing, single-chambered and safe game. It is also a ball of the air with shoulder straps and inner handles that allow you to almost literally defy pain and gravity. You just need one to get started.
We are a professional manufacturer of bubble footballs, integrating development and production together. We have many years in this industry.


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