Bubble football is quickly picking up as a great sport across the world. It’s no longer played for fun or exercise but is also picking up as a game that people can compete against each other. Yes, bubble football is now a competition. We all know that for one to get the best results, they must have the right tools and equipment. Bubble football is no different, and people are spending a lot of money to get the best bubble football equipment. However, since it’s still a new game in the sports world, most people are ending up buying equipment that is not the right one for bubble football but also those that can hurt them. So, what is the best bubble football equipment that will be useful to you?

You will need the bubble suit that is inflatable and gigantic ball and of 1.6m diameter. It’s from these suits that the game gets its name as players keep knocking each other. The suits prevent players from being hurt when they fall after being knocked down. Purchase the suit from the right manufacturer to ensure you buy the right equipment.

The football goal is also equipment that has to do with the bubble football. Since the game has to do with scoring, the ball has to get through your competitor’s goal for you to be said you have scored.

For those playing the indoor football, they have to purchase the inflatable football field and court. It acts as the area, and it’s made of PVC and has all the features of a conventional football field. The area comes in different colors.

Another equipment for bubble football is the handheld electric blower for bumper-ball and body zorb. The blower is used to pump in air to make the suit ready for use. The suits have to be inflated with air before the players put them on so as to start playing.

Other firms will include a start-up kit bag as part of the equipment purchased. The kit bag contains among other pumps, first aid kits, accident books, briefing sheets and training forms.

When it comes to buying and purchasing bubble football equipment, it’s always advisable that one gets them from a reliable supply or manufacture. An honest manufacturer will sell to you the right equipment and most of them will come with a warranty. The warranty usually covers repairs as well as replacement of faulty equipment. So, when you plan to get the bubble football equipment, ensure you purchase them from the right manufacturer.